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Would you like to book a Reiki Session with Lisa in the morning before the session?
30 mins - $35
45 mins - $60
60 mins - $80
Reiki sessions available between 9-11.30am prior to each workshop at Satori Retreat. Payment is required at time of booking to secure your spot.

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Costs and Conditions: "

Each session is $50pp which covers all resources, afternoon tea and entry to a prize draw

Save $20 by booking for the full series of 3 x workshops for $130 to be paid in full at time of booking into account below.

Workshop dates are: 
Sunday 30 April (12-4pm)
Sunday 28 May (12-4pm)
Sunday 25 June (12-4pm)

Payment for a single session is required at time of booking into account outlined below.  A confirmation email will be sent once registration and payment has been received.

Please pay into this account below:
Name: Box of Chocolates
Account Number: 06-0582-0372233-00
NOTE: Please use your Surname & Happy as a reference with your payment

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