How exciting - you're joining us for the Beach House Summer Retreat - woohoo!!
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Costs and Conditions:

Full weekend: $399pp. – includes all accommodation, delicious healthy meals,  yoga and meditation, Reiki & Indian Head massage session, aromatherapy products for pampering sessions, resources for vision board intention workshop, welcome goodie bag + chance to win an amazing prize draw.

There will be a welcome glass of bubbles and nibbles platter on arrival.

Conditions: $150 deposit required at time of booking to secure your place, and full payment required 2 weeks prior to retreat (by 29 December) and a receipt will be issued on request once full payment is received.  Alternatively, the full amount can be paid at the time of booking.  NOTE: No refunds given, if you are unable to attend your ticket can be swapped or gifted to another person of your choice.

Please pay into account below:
Name: Box of Chocolates
Account Number: 06-0582-0372233-00

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